Wood Sources International LLC: Softwood Log Imports to China Slowed in
China is the largest importer of logs in the world and though the log shipments to the nation slowed in the 4Q of last year, import volumes hit a record higher in 2014, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly. The import cost of softwood logs in the 4Q/14 …
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China&#39s imports slump, capping dismal January trade functionality
Largely as a outcome of the sharply lower imports – particularly of coal, oil and commodities – China posted a record month-to-month trade surplus of $ 60 billion. The data contrasted sharply with a Reuters poll which showed analysts anticipated exports to acquire 6 …
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New China credit policy to hit copper imports in Shanghai trade zone
Traders mentioned the reduction would further hit China&#39s imports of copper, which dropped off following Chinese banks tightened credit in the second half of final year amid probes of an alleged metal financing scam. Much more than 50 percent of China&#39s refined …
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US to investigate imports of paper from China, other folks
The Division of Commerce announced the investigations on Wednesday right after a complaint from Domtar Corporation, Packaging Corporation of America (PCA), Finch Paper LLC and P.H. Glatfelter Firm about imports from China, Indonesia, Brazil,&nbsp…
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Wood Sources International LLC: Softwood Log Imports to China Slowed in
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