Sourcing Agent in China

As a professional Chinese sourcing agent, Mr Sourcing has helped customers all over the world to purchase high quality bathroom, kitchen, plastic and machining products at competitive prices since 2009.

China sourcing is not an easy job for people from other countries because of the different culture and special policies in China. That's why people should have a reliable Chinese sourcing company as their procurement partner based in China.

Sourcing products from China should save you great money and huge time, if they have found and cooperated with one right China sourcing agent, which should exactly know products, completely understand China and have very good international communication ability together with rich trading experience.

The key role of a sourcing agent in China is to offer quality one stop sourcing solution for customers. It needs to find the right product under target price at limited time according to client's requirement. The more important job is to control product quality to ensure that customers haven't wasted one cent.


Importing From China

Everyone and each company should clearly know the truth and facts of importing from China before they start doing business in China, which is critical for success.

Importing from China was pretty difficult for people and companies that were far away from China in the past. They had to know how to find the correct factory, how to get a visa, how to travel in China, how to clearly communicate with manufacturers and how to arrange a shipment from China ports for their containers.

Nowadays, a China sourcing agent will help you do importing from China in an easy but low-risk way. What you all need to do is to tell them what you need, what's the target price and when you need it. Even an email message or a phone call will solve all your problems of importing China products.

China purchasing agent will take care of all the jobs and processes for you to import products from China, such as manufacturer sourcing, vendor audit, product sourcing, price comparison, production planning, quality control and shipping arrangement.


Buy From Chinese Factories

Buying direct from China will benefit you for huge money-saving and great time-saving, because China has an expansive supplier base with good manufacturing ability and competitive labor and raw material costs.

Almost any imaginable products could be manufactured by Chinese factories, from sanitary ware, kitchen sink, textiles, toys, furniture, consumer electronics, machined parts, plastic household items to apparels. It's reported that one-fifth manufacturing of the world is done in China.

But the labor force in the country remains as one of the most competitive in the world, although a labor contract law was passed in 2008. The wages of Chinese laborers are still much lower compared to workers in the west countries, which is a result of massive workforce in China.

Buying quality but cheap goods from China makes a lot of sense from a business point of view. Cooperating with a China sourcing company should make maximize earning potential, because it knows how to import from China easily and efficiently.


Quality Chinese Products

Sometimes China is simply imaged as a producer of cheap but poorly manufactured products by the general public. But people also know the fact that high-tech products such as iPhones and Ipads are made and assembled in China.

Truth of fact is that both high quality goods and poor quality products exist in China at the same time, which really confuses and questions hundreds of foreign importers around the world.

How to ensure what you import are quality products? The answer is very simple and easy. Work together with a third party like China sourcing company to find a quality and right manufacturer to produce goods and control product quality.

Quality inspection by the third company is a must-have to import China products. If your Chinese sourcing agent has quality control service and commits to strict compliance regarding to the standards that you set up, you will be free of worry about quality.