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Two Chinese girls collectively in hotel, share 3 fingers _3342

Image by Philip McMaster PeacePlusOne_!/
3 finger &quotPeace + 1&quot Sustainability Symbol in Shenzhen, China view far more &quotDragonTHINK&quot photographs at www.SustainabilitySymbol.com

(Speak to Philip McMaster at www.SustainabilitySymbol.com for data to use photo)

the three finger Sustainability Symbol is shared by folks around the world -a individual

statement declaring &quotI’m Element of the Resolution!&quot

– Join the Entertaining, &quotPeace Plus One particular&quot!


Start off now and share the 3 finger &quotPeace Plus One&quot Sustainability Symbol with those you

enjoy and care about. We only have a single life-sustaining planet… what are you doing to

maintain it liveable?

It’s truly Straightforward!

Comprehend that the Sustainability Symbol represents a Private INTEREST in living a

good and prosperous life – a life of balance in 3 dimensions – Society, the

Atmosphere and the Economy – ( or if you like: &quotPeople, Planet and Profit&quot ) … and

please really feel totally free to share the Sustainability Symbol and its which means with at least three


… that is it! that’s all you have to do!

RECIPE FOR &quotPEACE PLUS A single&quot –

www.PeacePlusOne.com (English)


1.) Make the &quotPeace&quot sign in the old boring way,

two.) add One particular finger,


three.) Peace, Plus One particular… the new three finger Sustainability Salute! …Cool!

(Now get an individual to take a photo of you, and add it to your on-line photo account…

inform us about it and we’ll share the link!)

– – – – —- – – – – –


If you would like to find out more, and turn out to be a Climate Modify Agent (or even be

appointed a Climate Adjust Ambassador for your country!!) check out

There are so many distracting difficulties in the globe, it is challenging to stop considering with a

damaging, disaster mentality…
Alternatively – take handle of your life, and spread the good news that WE the People will

make the new sustainable globe come about.
We’ll do it by sharing meaningful suggestions,
we’ll do it by cooperating with every other,
we’ll do it by becoming our own leaders and decision-makers,
and following what we know is appropriate for us and for the world.


Participate with the Institute for Sustainable Improvement in Commerce,
and we’ll help you get a much better job, reside healthier and longer,
be respected and admired by everyone around you,
and PROFIT BY Getting Element OF THE Resolution, not the difficulty.

Other web sites where you can locate data on Climate Modify Agents and the history of

the Sustainability Symbol:
www.PeacePlusOne.cn (Chinese)
www.PeacePlusOne.com (English)

Image from web page 99 of “From western China to the Golden Gate the experiences of an American university graduate in the Orient, with thirty illustrations” (1911)

Image by World wide web Archive Book Photos
Identifier: fromwesternchina00spra
Title: From western China to the Golden Gate the experiences of an American university graduate in the Orient, with thirty illustrations
Year: 1911 (1910s)
Authors: Sprague, Roger, b. 1869
Subjects: China — Description and travel
Publisher: Berkeley : Lederer, Street &amp Zeus
Contributing Library: University of California Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: MSN

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Text Appearing Prior to Image:
d orderand the new,—the old order which is passingaway in China and the new which is arriving.It is along that line that I wish to speak. It isof altering China that I want to write. Dur-ing a current residence of a year and a half inthat country, a single year of which was spent as aninstructor in a government college situated inone of the most remote provinces, the writercame into speak to with a lot of of the movementswhich are revolutionizing affairs. It is his in-tention to speak of some concerning which hecan testify from personal observation. When that correspondent stated that the newsteamer Shutung had arrived, he also stated thatthe dilemma of fast transportation on the up-per Yangtze had at final been solved after many,several years of wearisome waiting, and solvedby the Chinese themselves. Permit me tobriefly outline the old conditions of travel onthe river and the work which was carried out in at-tempting to improve them, for the complete storyillustrates the adjustments which are coming overChina.

Text Appearing Soon after Image:
PAGODA AT DAY YAXG. Knipe, plioto. 96 When a traveller arrived in Shanghai, boundfor what is nonetheless regarded by several foreignresidents of that city a wild, inaccessible anddangerous terra incognita, namely westernChina, he identified that the journey was easyenough for a thousand miles of the way. Each day a steamer leaves for Hankow, six hundredmiles up the Yangtze river, and for the nextfour hundred miles to Ichang steam navigationis reasonably normal and reliable. Hefound that the vessels navigating the river wereof a quite superior class, possessing, accordingto the announcements of their sometimes toooptimistic agents, all the conveniences of afirst-class mail-steamer. He found the riverflowing with a moderate present beneath lowbanks, which it overflowed at instances of veryhigh water. If the river was in flood, its navi-gation significantly resembled that of some wonderful lakebut if it was at a moderate stage, the steamerplowed along as close as attainable to the bank inorder to stay away from the strong c

Note About Images
Please note that these images are extracted from scanned web page pictures that might have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and look of these illustrations may possibly not perfectly resemble the original function.

Image from web page 106 of “Illustrated catalogue and cost list of colors and supplies for decorating china, earthenware, glass, enamelled iron, etc. : oxides and chemicals / imported and manufactured by B. F. Drakenfeld & Co.” (1914)

Image by Web Archive Book Pictures
Identifier: illustratedcatal00bfdr
Title: Illustrated catalogue and price list of colors and materials for decorating china, earthenware, glass, enamelled iron, and so on. : oxides and chemicals / imported and manufactured by B. F. Drakenfeld &amp Co.
Year: 1914 (1910s)
Authors: B.F. Drakenfeld &amp Co. (New York, N.Y.)
Subjects: Pottery craft–Equipment and supplies–Catalogs Artists’ materials–Catalogs China painting–Catalogs Trade catalogs–Pottery craft–Gear and supplies Trade catalogs–Artists’ components Trade catalogs–China painting
Publisher: B.F. Drakenfeld &amp Co., New York
Contributing Library: Winterthur Museum Library
Digitizing Sponsor: LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation

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Text Appearing Before Image:
Length of Roller, 18 inches. Diameter of Roller, 12 inches.Lever, 36 inches. Price, .CX). ENGLISH COPPER PLATES Hand Hammered 4×4 inches 7x 7 inches 12 x 12 inches 5×5 inches 7x 9 inches 13 X 13 inches 5×6 inches 8x eight inches 14 X 14 inches 5×7 inches 10×10 inches 14 X 16 inches 6×6 inches 10×12 inches 15 X 15 inches 6×8 inches 10×15 inches 15 X 16 inches 16×16 inches 16×18 inches STEEL PLATES Per square inch. .. . l.)4 cents 6×6 inches 10×15 inches 15 X 15 inches 8×8 inches 12×12 inches 15 X 16 inches ten X ten inches 14×14 inches 16 X 16 inches 10 x 12 inches 14×16 inches 16 X 18 inches B. F. DRAKENFELD &amp CO., INC., NEW YORK 103 ECLIPSEPOTTERY PRINTING MACHINE

Text Appearing Soon after Image:
(B. F. Drakenfeld &amp Co., Inc., Sole Agents) This machine is admitted to be the most up to date and thebest on the marketplace, being fitted with bunsen burner for gas heating,thus insuring uniform heating of the roller, higher cleanliness anddoing away completely with water leakage which is inevitable withsteam-heated machines. There is also a specific arrangement for pre-venting the paper from slipping and creasing.Value ! 5 00 COPPER CYLINDERS Outside Diameters: three^i inches, 3js inches, four}i inchesPer pound 60 Other Diameters furnished to order Steel Blades for Printing Machine Thin per dozen, GO Heavy per dozen, six 25 / 104 B. F. DRAKENFELD &amp CO., INC., NEW YORK GENUINE ENGLISH CROWN SOFT SOAP 300-lb. Barrels. …per lb., 06 | Gallon jars j^er gallon. SI 00 150-lb. Kegs per lb., 06&gt4 j Quart jars per quart, 40 40-lb. Pajls per lb., 07 ~ ENGLISH PRINTING FLANNEL Very best Top quality 31 inches wide per yard, 50 31 inches wide, further heavy per yard, 1 65 Special rates in roll

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Please note that these pictures are extracted from scanned page images that could have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original perform.

Two Chinese girls with each other in hotel, share three fingers _3342
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