Real effect of China&#39s import tax cuts not yet observed
Thanks to government assistance of trans-border e-commerce, customer goods purchased through internet sites or agents abroad for personal use are only subject to a 10 % tax on postal articles when they enter China. &quotSo in spite of the reduction on customs tariffs …
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China cuts import taxes to increase consumer demand
China will reduce import taxes on customer goods by far more than 50% on average in a bid to boost consumer spending. High tariffs for imported goods have prompted some Chinese buyers to shop abroad or through agents. By lowering the costs, China might&nbsp…
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The luxury 3D printed estate set to be created from sand, dust and gravel
This practice entails collecting sand, dust and gravel on site and mixing them with a magnesium-primarily based binding agent to produce the 3D-printed creating blocks needed to piece the estate collectively. According to literature on the D-Shape site, the …
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True influence of China&#39s import tax cuts not yet noticed
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