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“Wang Jie” ,”tian Jia” China vs. .”Kerri Walsh” “Misty Might-Treanor” USA_0043

Image by Philip McMaster PeacePlusOne_!/

&quotWang Jie&quot ,&quottian Jia&quot China vs. .&quotKerri Walsh&quot &quotMisty Could-Treanor&quot USA_0043 Olympic Women’s Beach Volleyball Competitors at Chaoyang Park, Beijing, China .

&quotWang Jie&quot ,&quottian Jia&quot China vs. .&quotKerri Walsh&quot &quotMisty May-Treanor&quot USA

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the 3 finger Green Olympic Symbol is shared by competitors visitors and the Olympic and Paralympic Household – Join the Exciting, &quotPeace Plus One particular&quot!

Begin now and share the three finger &quotPeace Plus One&quot Sustainability Symbol with these you really like and care about. We only have a single life-sustaining planet… what are you performing to maintain it liveable?

It really is actually Easy!

Understand that the Sustainability Symbol represents a Personal INTEREST in living a great and prosperous life – a life of balance in three dimensions – Society, the Environment and the Economy – or if you like &quotPeople, Planet and Profit&quot … and share the Sustainability Symbol and its which means with at least three close friends..

… that is it! that’s all you have to do!

RECIPE FOR &quotPEACE PLUS One particular&quot (English)


1.) Make the &quotPeace&quot sign in the old boring way,

two.) add One particular finger,


3.) Peace, Plus One… the 3 finger Sustainability Salute! Cool!

(Now get an individual to take a photo of you, and add it to your on-line photo account… tell us about it and we’ll share the hyperlink!)

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Turn out to be A CLIMATE Alter AMBASSADOR


If you would like to learn more, and become a Climate Change Agent (or even be appointed a Climate Adjust Ambassador for your nation!!) verify out

Leave the train wreck behind, cease pondering with a damaging, disaster mentality…- take control of your life, and spread the great news that WE the Men and women will make the new sustainable world happen.
We’ll do it by sharing meaningful tips,
we’ll do it by cooperating with each and every other,
we’ll do it by becoming our own leaders and decision-makers,
and following what we know is proper for us and for the planet.


Participate with the Institute for Sustainable Development in Commerce,
and we’ll help you get a better job, live healthier and longer,
be respected and admired by absolutely everyone around you,
and PROFIT BY Being Element OF THE Remedy, not the issue.

Other websites where you can uncover info on Climate Adjust Agents and the history of the Sustainability Symbol: (Chinese) (English)

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