New Policy Enables China Exporters To Preserve Their Dollars
Secure relaxed rules on mandatory foreign currency conversion to the yuan this year, primarily to stem growth of forex reserves. But the appreciating yuan implies fewer suppliers are probably to take benefit.

China exporters have welcomed the central government’s selection permitting them to keep US dollars in overseas accounts alternatively of converting them into yuan. But with modest and midsize makers dominating the country’s export landscape, extremely handful of are able to take advantage instantly.

Liang Qinqin, salesperson at Ningbo-primarily based Zhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank, mentioned the policy could support minimize currency exchange risks for exporters. Unlike before when suppliers had been essential to convert their dollars into the yuan, now they can select a a lot more favorable time to exchange their money, or not at all. Businesses that require dollars to pay for materials and components, for instance, can just hold the foreign currency in their overseas account. Previously, they would have to convert their dollars into the yuan and then back into dollars when required. In the approach, suppliers lost about 25,000 yuan ($ three,798) for each and every $ 1 million that had to be changed to the yuan and back.

Chang Dong, international organization division president of the Konka Group, said opening an overseas dollar account is valuable since the customer electronics company has numerous subsidiaries in various countries. Interest prices are higher as well.

But Liang admitted that with the yuan’s continued appreciation, some companies could not want to take benefit of this policy and select to convert their dollars into the local currency instead.

Among these suppliers is Ningbo Aux Imp &amp Exp Co. Ltd. Export sales manager Chen Hongyu mentioned exchanging dollars for the yuan makes a lot more enterprise sense now.

Additional, little makers see little benefit to their export company. Most of them need to convert their dollars anyway because they need to have the yuan for their day-to-day operations, which includes paying workers’ salaries.

For far better implementation, some local governments are organizing seminars and talks to educate suppliers about the new policy. Only businesses with no record of major violations of foreign exchange regulations for the past two years are eligible.

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New Policy Makes it possible for China Exporters To Maintain Their Dollars
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