Verify out these china imports and exports images:

Multicolored containers

Image by Håkan Dahlström

Moving Mountains

Image by ecstaticist &lt– I tweet when I post on flickr.

gotta see this huge… | original | My leading 100

To get a sense of the size of this, there are 5 sailors standing on the deck of the bow.

Shot as we passed overhead in Vancouver Harbor. I have added a couple outtakes under for context.

Apologies for the repost. I forgot a couple adjustments.

Stonecutting in China (three)

Image by xiaming
The town of Shuitou, in Fujian Province, China, is the world’s capital of stonecutting. Marble, granite, slate, onyx and all other kinds of architectural stone is imported to Shuitou from generating nations such as Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Iran and Italy. The stone is reduce and finished and re-exported to the planet. Shuitou handles a lot more stone than any other city in the planet.

Multicolored containers
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