A lot more on the US-China bilateral trade balance
As a brief follow-up to yesterday&#39s post on the effect of US trade with China on US employment and incomes, we believed it would be helpful to visualize a couple of fascinating information about the evolution of the bilateral trade balance more than time. First, look at …
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Chinese naval push could affect international trade
There are no definitive government estimates about the amount of international trade passing via the South China Sea, but the United Nations Conference on Trade and Improvement estimated that 8.4 billion tons—or about half of the world&#39s annual merchant&nbsp…
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European centres vie for trade in Chinese currency
In the five years considering that China and Hong Kong signed a landmark agreement signalling the start off of offshore organization the renminbi&#39s usage in settling trade transactions between China and the rest of Asia steadily gained traction. The renminbi, also …
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Much more on the US-China bilateral trade balance
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