Exactly where have China&#39s huge group-acquiring web sites gone?
Just 5 years ago, when you wanted to watch a movie you went into a cinema and bought a ticket. These days, even so, you can use your Web-connected mobile telephone to group-get a virtual ticket, which can be exchanged for a actual ticket. If that …
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Gold Getting Up in India and China
Central banks are also rising their gold(NYSEARCA:GLD) holdings. Nevertheless the gold provide is down. As the price of gold dropped numerous mines have been closed. If the supply of gold bullion is down and the demand is up, why are gold rates falling?
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Bumpy Ride for Fund Managers Purchasing China&#39s SOEs
The ride for fund managers that rushed to acquire shares of China&#39s state-owned firms this year is turning into a bumpy one particular that only long-term investors may possibly be in a position to stomach. Optimism over these debt-laden behemoths, which handle vast tracts of the …
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