China's Growing Gray Market for All That's Foreign
On Aug. 1, China's customs agency put into effect a new rule stipulating that all enterprises and individuals engaged in cross-border sales must provide a list of imported and exported items to customs authorities. If enforced, the regulation could …
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Potential for more exports to China
Understandably, the key to the opening up of Chinese market to a more desirable extent in the near future should come in the form of a surge in the export of garment items. China is otherwise the world leader in textile and garment products, catering …
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China: Apple products not banned from government purchases
An actual ban of Apple products by the Chinese government would hurt the company financially. China overall accounted for 16 percent of Apple's $ 37.4 billion in sales last quarter, according to Bloomberg. Sales of the iPad in China rose by 51 percent …
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China Drops 10 Apple Items from Procurement List
The Bloomberg report said the removal of the items, including Apple's iPad and MacBook Air, was due to security concerns. It quoted a UOB Kay Hian analyst as saying: "The Chinese government wants to make sure that overseas companies shouldn't have …
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