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China satisfies robust Iranian demand for consumer goods, Seabury finds
HONG KONG — Trade between China and Iran has been developing at practically 40 % a year because 2012, driven by rapidly increasing consumer demand, according to a Seabury Group study. Iranian imports have been “artificially low” simply because of economic&nbsp…
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Created in China (with asbestos)
Asbestos Ailments Society of Australia president Robert Vojakovic said that Russia was the top asbestos offender but China was a significant player and there was deep concern about contaminated Chinese merchandise being brought to Australia.
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China Distributor Agreements: A Comparatively Straightforward Way To Sell Your Items Into
For most American SMEs, acquiring their merchandise into China and then marketing and advertising, promoting and delivering them is a hard and enormous task. Making use of an knowledgeable Chinese distributor or distributors is oftentimes the best way for these firms to …
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