Britain is quitting smoking. Can our accomplishment inspire the rest of the planet?
The death of the smoker is bad news for Dev: according to a report by the Workplace of Fair Trading, tobacco accounts for 30% of all sales in the typical newsagent&#39s. But it is potentially a lot worse for massive tobacco, not because it sees the UK as an …
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China&#39s new investment bank could signal a move away from U.S. debt
A public service poster posted on the exterior of a Chinese bank explains what U.S. dollar bills appear like in hopes of fighting counterfeiting due to the currency&#39s recognition in Beijing on October 15, 2013. China&#39s state-news agency Xinhua … &quotI …
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Turkish confectionery sector gears up with &#39Delightland&#39 theme
The Turkish Confectionery Promotion Group (TCPG), established in 2013, continues its operations at complete speed, with a lot more than two,000 members setting their sights on prominent food fairs across the globe. Getting … Among the planet fairs where the TCPG …
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