A handful of nice straight from china pictures I found:

Instances Square from Above

Image by Sprengben [why not get a buddy]
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Hi Friends. Christmas is coming with large methods. I cannot believe that it is currently next week. There are so many items to do until then. Are you in a rush, as well?

The story to this shot is a bit various:

This shot I have taken from my Hotel. It is the street heading straight to the Occasions Square. The purpose why there are so numerous vehicles is that there was a bomb warning. I nevertheless bear in mind the feeling.

I utilised to reside in Tokyo and I travelled a lot of this planet’s capital cities but I never ever felt this strange as in this moment. You hear there is a bomb someplace and you suspect absolutely everyone. The police is shutting down the district and you wait for the Large Bang.

I am really relieved that nothing at all occurred. Often I believe how this feeling may possibly impact the folks living in this city after the terrible attacks from 9/11.

In my opinion it is dingy and fig to scar men and women like this. No human getting deserves the feeling to be in danger. Not Americans, nor Palestinians, Yews or any other citizen of this planet.

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Nearing 1,000,000 Views!

Image by atelier-ying

Atelier Ying, Ginza, Tokyo

Thank You everybody for following my camera styles, vintage camera and street operate. I am constantly inspired by the kind, generous comments and faves from so several.

I’m so pleased to be celebrating this from the classic Doutor’s Cafe in Ginza following 16 years.

My personal model for my design function is the American writer Herman Melville, for his subtle allusiveness and I take into account the text of my styles far more important than the drawings. I am a poet much more than a visual artist.

Lastly I want to mention that the architecture I was capable to see even though going to relatives in Asia has been unforgettable. Every spot has its personal history and ambience. All this informs my styles as well as my photography directly it was providential. Thank you.

Style, notion, text and drawing are copyright 2014 by David Lo.

Instances Square from Above
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