A few nice hong kong trade photos I identified:

Hong Kong Ministerial
hong kong trade
Image by World Trade Organization
Hong Kong Ministerial

The Sixth WTO Ministerial Conference was held in Hong Kong, China, 13–18 December 2005.

Rice Pizza: Outdoors Globe Trade Center (Hong Kong)
hong kong trade
Image by westernhunan

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IFC 2, the Tallest Developing in Hong Kong
hong kong trade
Image by Stuck in Customs
The constructing is a giant. You can see the plane I caputured overhead which truly wa fairly close to the skyscraper!

The following is from Wikipedia:

Two International Finance Centre, completed in 2003, is attached to the second phase of the ifc mall. This 415 m tall developing is at the moment Hong Kong’s tallest, is quoted as obtaining 88 storeys to qualify as getting extremely auspicious in Chinese culture, and 22 high-ceiling trading floors. In actual truth, even so, it is brief of the magic quantity, due to the truth that the &quottaboo floors&quot like 14th and 24th etc., are omitted as being inauspicious – 14 sounds like &quotdefinitely fatal&quot and 24 like &quotEasily fatal&quot in Cantonese.

The highrise is made to accommodate financial firms. For instance, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) is situated at the 55th floor. It is equipped with sophisticated telecommunications, raised floors for flexible cabling management, and almost column-totally free floor plans. The constructing expects to accommodate up to 15,000 men and women. It is a single of fairly few buildings in the world equipped with double-deck elevators.

The 55th, 56th and the 77th to 88th floors were purchased by the HKMA for US$ 480 million in 2001[6]. An exhibition area, currently containing an exhibit of Hong Kong’s monetary history, and a library of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority Information Centre occupy the 55th floor, and are open to the public for the duration of office hours[ten]. The 88th floor of the tower consists of the office of the Chief Executive of the HK Monetary Authority, and is

Hong Kong Ministerial
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