Germany Selects MEADS More than Patriot
But MEADS will also face a radically different German defense procurement system, overhauled after heavy criticism from independent auditors in 2014 about its processes and procedures. Germany is providing the MEADS International consortium 5 years to …
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Mountainside man smuggled million of electronics to Russia
A Mountainside man admitted his role in an international procurement network that obtained and smuggled a lot more than $ 65 million worth of electronics from the United States to Russia in violation of export manage laws. … by procuring sophisticated …
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Lockheed, Pentagon Revive F-35 &#39Block Get&#39 Proposal
Beneath the block buy program, outlined by Pentagon procurement chief Frank Kendall to a meeting of program leaders in Oslo final month, U.S. and international export orders for three years – fiscal 2018 by means of fiscal 2020 – would be bundled collectively …
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Germany Selects MEADS Over Patriot
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