Facts about Chinese Tea

China is the birthplace of tea drinking. It is interwoven in all of their society and is said to be one of their seven essentials for life. Genuine Chinese tea is only identified in China and Chinese speaking communities. To purchase true Chinese tea outdoors of Asia, one should purchase on the internet or in a Chinese neighborhood in a big city. Some wellness meals stores and herbal shops could have real Chinese Tea.

All tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis tree. The four principal categories of tea are white, black, oolong and green. However, there are sub-varieties such as red, scented and/or flavored, and compressed. The various tea sorts truly come down to the tea creating method (and not the type of plant used). White and green teas are heated soon after harvesting to stop fermentation. Oolong teas are partially fermented, even though black and red teas are fully fermented. White and green teas are created from tender shoots harvested in early spring although red and oolong are made from mature leaves. Herbal and flavored teas are created by adding roots and flowers to tea. Favored herbal teas contain chamomile, lemon balm, lavender, apple and St. John’s Wort.

The Chinese have used teas in rituals and ceremonies given that early ancient occasions. Revered for its’ medicinal abilities, tea was first utilized in worship services and as tributes to the Emperor. Nowadays, the Chinese still use tea in ceremonies and as gestures of respect and enjoy. The bride and groom kneel before their parents and serve them tea throughout wedding ceremonies. Young Chinese serve tea to their elders on particular occasions. Tea is utilized to show regret. In Chinese culture, the particular person who has wronged will pour tea to the individual he has wronged. If the tea is accepted, the particular person knows that he has been forgiven for his transgression.

Tea is the center piece of Chinese culture. There are specific tea shops significantly like the coffee shops in American and Europe. Here, the Chinese meet to relax. Most tea shops are elaborately decorated in dainty designs and/or folk art. Musicians play conventional music.

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Details about Chinese Tea
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