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Image from web page 53 of “Bell phone magazine” (1922)

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Identifier: belltelephone6667mag00amerrich
Title: Bell telephone magazine
Year: 1922 (1920s)
Authors: American Phone and Telegraph Business American Phone and Telegraph Business. Information Dept
Subjects: Phone
Publisher: [New York, American Telephone and Telegraph Co., etc.]
Contributing Library: Prelinger Library
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module and service module to thesurface of the moon. Also to conserve fuel, the landing gear and descent enginewill be abandoned on the moons surfacejust as the rest of the excursion modulewill be abandoned in lunar orbit for thereturn journey. These elaborate flight plans outcome fromthe necessity to conserve weight. Addi-tional weight requires far more fuel, whichin turn is much more weight that the rocketengines have to enhance. For instance, add-ing 1 pound to the structure of theEiscent stage of the lunar excursion vehi-cle would need the addition of aboutfive pounds of fuel in the two spacecraft.Such elements as this have driven the sizeof the booster rocket to the immense pro-portions of the Saturn V. The Size of the System Not only the rocket, but all aspectsof this National Aeronautics and SpaceAdministration (NASA) plan are im-pressive. The new facilities for mannedspace flight are valued at about bil-lion. These include the 52-story VerticalAssembly Building at Cape Kennedy,

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46 Florida. Of this developing, the biggest inthe globe, it has been mentioned with onlyshght exaggeration that the United Na-tions constructing would slip by way of itsdoors. It is a component of the John F. Ken-nedy Space Center (KSC). Two otherfield centers are the George C. MarshallSpace Flight Center (MSFC) positioned atHuntsville, Alabama and the MannedSpacecraft Center (MSC) close to Houston,Texas. Much more facilities are located in Mis-sissippi, Louisiana, New Mexico andCalifornia. The 14 principal stations ofI the Manned Space Flight Network, forcommunications and tracking, stretcharound the globe. The magnitude of the plan is fur-ther illustrated by the size of the govern-ment-business group which has beenassembled. Besides the 15,000 govern-ment individuals charged with project man-agement and procurement there are some300,000 industrial folks divided among12 prime contractors, 17,000 subcontrac-tors and uncounted sub-subcontractorsand vendors. Assembling this team and molding it into an efficient operat

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