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At the wheel of a tall ship.

Image by Neil. Moralee
Candid shot, Charlestown harbour, Cornwall UK.

Charlestown Harbour is 1 of Cornwall’s iconic areas, element of Cornish maritime history and the setting for a lengthy list of historic dramas and film credits it is one of the few remaining British ports still in private ownership. Forming portion of a Cornish Mining and Unesco Globe Heritage site, the Georgian port of Charlestown is a special attraction that has been quoted as one of the finest and most fascinating places on the Cornish coast and is a distinct draw for the hundreds of thousands of visitors to the St Austell area every single year.

Charlestown Harbour was created and built in 1792 as an export port to serve the Cornish clay and copper industries it proved to be really profitable and was expanded once again in 1825. In its 19th Century heyday as a bustling port filled with ships, a host of sheds and warehouses along the harbourside offered for services such as rope producing, brickworks, lime burning, net generating and pilchard curing.

By the early 1990s the harbour was only utilized for china clay export. In 1994 a specialist marine film organization brought tall ships back to the harbour when once again as a result making the Square Sail Shipyard.

The harbour that guests see nowadays is remarkably preserved, with a wealth of beautiful architecture and however it remains a working port. The original buildings are utilised to keep the ships and to build replica boats and film sets.

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