Christopher Williams at MoMA: The Aesthetics of Smartypants
Christopher Williams, Weimar Lux CDS, VEB Feingerätewerk Weimar / Price 86.50 Mark GDR / Filmempfindlichkeitsbereich 9 bis 45 DIN und 6 bis 25000 ASA / Blendenskala 0,5 bis 45, Zeitskala 1/4000 Sekunde bis 8 Stunden, ca. … 400636 / Material: wood …
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Ashoka Mody & Michael Walton: Modi has promises to keep
Then, it was industrial licences and protection through high import tariffs. Now, it is the … While China remains the elusive model for such grand ventures, its example of low-cost housing for hundreds of millions and clean toilets does not have a …
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TN textile space eyes 'ache din' with focus on mfg capacity
Manikam Ramaswami, Chairman, The Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council says, “In China, we have USD 12 billion import that is almost duty free. We allow China to export to India, almost USD 12 billion of their produce falls between 5 percent to 0 …

Christopher Williams at MoMA: The Aesthetics of Smartypants
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