China Biologic Receives Approval to Purchase Raw Supplies
Mr. David (Xiaoying) Gao, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of China Biologic, commented, &quotWith the CFDA&#39s particular approval, this plasma acquire presents a unique development opportunity for China Biologic in the near term. The extra supply of …
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Vietnam Buys Deadly New Missiles Capable of Hitting China
The acquire of land attack cruise missiles mark a “massive shift” beyond advancing the Vietnamese&#39s Navy&#39s anti-ship capabilities, according to naval analyst Carl Thayer quoted by Reuters. “They&#39ve provided themselves a much far more effective deterrent that&nbsp…
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PLA brass &#39defied Beijing&#39 more than plan to buy China&#39s first aircraft carrier
For almost two decades it was one particular of China&#39s best-kept secrets but now Hong Kong-primarily based businessman Xu Zengping is breaking his silence and unmasking the PLA masterminds behind the acquire of what became the country&#39s very first aircraft carrier.
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China Biologic Receives Approval to Buy Raw Supplies
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