Bumper durian crop in Malaysia and reduce rates a treat for fans in Singapore
Fruits and vegetables wholesaler Chit Huat Ptd Ltd&#39s sales manager Ms Tan Shuqing, 34, stated this was due to the great weather this year which saw a spike in harvests. &quotThere is a durian cycle exactly where every 15 years, the harvest is quite excellent and the trees …
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Arrest Underscores China&#39s Function in the Creating and Spread of a Lethal Drug
After created in Chinese labs, spice chemical substances are shipped in powdered form, in packages labeled fertilizer or industrial solvents, by way of commercial couriers to wholesalers in the United States. Those wholesalers liquefy the powder in acetone or …
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DEA arrests Chinese chemist linked to deadly &#39spice&#39 street drug
Spice wholesalers use methods that pose critical overall health risks when producing the drug, placing it through animal feed troughs, hand-cranked cement mixers and backyard tarps. One particular Los Angeles wholesaler charged with drug trafficking was the important to Tian&#39s&nbsp…
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Bumper durian crop in Malaysia and lower rates a treat for fans in Singapore
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