Approaching Music Agents

The marketplace for gigging musicians has always been fierce but never ever a lot more so than in 2011. A straightforward search on the world wide web will reveal hundreds if not thousands of wedding bands, function bands, tribute bands all looking for gigs. Therefore if you are significant about a career in music then discovering a music agent need to be top of your list. But how do you stand out from the rest?

Music agents have hundreds of requests every single month from acts hunting for function. These days agents will only function with the greatest – right after all they have a reputation to uphold as an entertainment agent of top quality. You will need to have to make certain your promotional materials are crisp, clear and of outstanding high quality. The most crucial issue is your recorded demo or a reside video of a functionality. Devote some time and cash in the studio recording until it is as very good as it can be. Initial impressions count!

You require to appear honestly at your abilities. Can you really compete with the level of other acts out there. If so be confident promoting your self to the agents. Numerous acts tend not to sell themselves really well. Be confident in your abilities and other folks will believe in you. Be clear about the variety of gigs you hope to get. You may possibly be a reside wedding band or you could want to target the corporate bands industry. Agents will generally want to work with these varieties of bands as they can command a decent charge ( of which the agent will anticipate commission ). They may possibly be less willing to function with pub bands as usually the fees are decrease and it may not be worth the time of the agent.

After you are positive you have everything you need to have you need to contact agent who work with bands in the field you want to perform in. All too frequently bands don’t investigation agents completely adequate and send rock demos to funk band managers who merely won’t be interested. Make certain after you have made make contact with you wait a couple of weeks before providing the agents a get in touch with. You never want to pester them but you do need to make make contact with.

If you put out the right impression from the begin and you are musicians of a excellent good quality you need to be able to discover a music agent to represent you. Great wedding bands, corporate bands and function bands in 2011 are very sought after so the opportunity is out there if you want to grasp it.


Sam Chapman – Music Reside.

Approaching Music Agents
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