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Alway’s true estate agent, c. 1913

Image by stonnington history centre
Photo of A. F. Alway &amp Son estate agent on the corner of Station Street near the corner of Claremont Avenue. The Alway’s are standing in front of the shop. Charlie Hay’s Chinese laundry is subsequent door (facing Claremont Avenue) and an Raybould’s undertaker is on the west side. Two vehicles are parked in front of the shop.
The Alway firm started in 1881 when Adolphus Francis Alway opened a basic retailer, with a genuine estate workplace and auction space at the south west corner of Glenferrie &amp Wattletree Roads. Robert Alway, A. F. Alway’s uncle had arrived in Malvern in 1852, bought the land and in 1860 opened the 1st common store in Glenferrie Road. Robert’s brother, Thomas Alway, was a butcher in Dandenong Road at the same time.
A. F. Alway was President of the Shire of Malvern in 1898. Right after functioning as assistant to the Malvern Council, he returned to organization and opened his estate agency in Station Street with his son Frank, who was a Malvern Councillor for 30 years. The business was positioned opposite Malvern Station as most buyers travelled by train.
When A. F. Alway died in 1923, his son Frank and then his grandsons John &amp Colin and his great grandson Geoff Alway, ran the enterprise. In 1980, a single year short of one hundred years in business, Often Actual Estate agency was sold to Thomson’s.

Stonnington History Centre catalogue entry:

Chinese Soldier at Tiananmen Square_0491

Image by Philip McMaster PeacePlusOne_!/
These photographs of Photojournalist Richard Lautens by Philip McMaster are shared to bring consideration to the efforts of fellow Canadians to preserve the healthier and harmonious connection amongst Canadians and the Chinese men and women.

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Photo Credit:
Philip McMaster
Institute for Sustainable Development in Commerce


Alway’s true estate agent, c. 1913
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