REO Agent – How to Grow to be an REO Agent and How to Uncover REO Asset Managers

If you are a real estate agent and you do not have REO experience it can be hard to break into the bank owned foreclosure game, nevertheless with persistence and the correct resources you can break into the REO Agent game.

Many times REO asset managers will go with the agent in an location that has been on their list for a long time.  A lot of (like PAS) are not accepting new solicitations from REO Agents. So you genuinely have to know where to position yourself to get in front of the asset managers.

1st off, it is sensible to do as a lot of BPO’s as attainable. If you do BPO’s you place your self in front of asset managers, you could for instance sort in BPO Firms into Google. Many benefits will come up, and you can sign up with as numerous as achievable, and then do as several as achievable.  Some agents who are busy will even hire licensed assistants to complete these BPO’s as it is truly drudge perform and a lot of function for little cash on the front end.  Nonetheless on the back finish undertaking endless BPO’s can really spend off.

Then there are the bank websites directly. They are a challenge to discover as numerous have cryptic URL’s that never make considerably sense. But several times you can buy bank REO asset manager lists. Try Googling “REO asset manager”. I can’t vouch for numerous of these and some can be a waste of cash but some are good.. All you truly want is one particular get in touch with at one bank and it can pay for your list simply.

Last but not least are the ‘civilian’ websites, there are numerous some are far better than other folks some are cost-free and some are paid. I have not had considerably luck with the totally free ones but we have 1.6MM in listings from a paid one so that was income well spent.

For REO asset manager search by region and to get REO listings go to – ideas, guidance and how to get REO listings. REO agent search

REO Agent – How to Grow to be an REO Agent and How to Uncover REO Asset Managers
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