Parliament in an additional storm for importing furniture from China
The Nadowli/Kaleo MP created this disclosure when addressing the Parliamentary Press Corps on Thursday on the prudence in importing furniture from China, in view of the assertion that it would have been a lot more expense-efficient to procure them locally.
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WWIpilot became the only Hun to escape a British PoW camp
As soon as it became clear the Chinese authorities in Nanking intended to intern him, Pluschow escaped once again, giving his minders the slip and boarding an overnight train to Shanghai, where he stayed in numerous locations under assumed identities, including …
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Garden antiques can add depth, flair to any garden
New York – In a leafy corner of the Bronx, water bubbles gently in an huge, cornflower-blue ceramic fish pond from China, home to meandering goldfish. A statue of Diana the Huntress towers over … photo offered by The New York Botanical + caption …
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Parliament in yet another storm for importing furniture from China
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