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Customer Service is the New Marketing

Image by Intersection Consulting
www.intersectionconsulting.comThis visual was inspired by a great post written by Teresa Basich over the Radian 6 Blog: Customer Service is the New Marketing

Social media has the power to magnify every customer experience. Whether it’s in-store, on the phone or online, each individual customer service interaction now becomes a marketing opportunity.

Social media has spread the “service” role across the organization – Procurement, Distribution, HR, Sales, Operations, Management, Ownership – every employee in every department is now charged with the role of nurturing customer relationships.

Central Service Swap Meet

Image by Phil’s 1stPix
It’s the end of an era at the Fleet Shop while older vehicles are retired as first line units and the gear is loaded into a batch of new CVPI’s.

Since the police department has switched to Interceptors and Chargers, the remaining stockpile of CVPI’s acquired by the county have been designated for Fire-Medic "Scout", District and Battalion Fire Chiefs.

The cost-cutters in China procurement have reared their ugly head, so to speak; the new vehicles have only "plain jane" markings.

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