Image by Ding Zhou
This Cosplay show was at the Beijing National Convention Center near the Birds Nest (2008 Olympic Stadium) and Water Cube (Olympic Swimming/Diving). The Cosplay show occupied a massive location with hundreds of booths selling costume-related items. But there was a massive open region with nothing but hundreds of young people in costumes who were there to be photographed. Most of the photographers didn’t really know what they had been doing, but they have been obtaining a excellent time. So was I. Every person was happy to have me take their images. No one particular mentioned no. This young lady had one particular of the most stunning costumes. The only issue was all the men and women and junk in the background.

Import Ban on Milk Items from China Extended Till June 2016
Import Ban on Milk Items from China Extended Till June 2016 The government has extended the ban on imports of milk and its goods from China for a single more year till June 2016. &quotProhibition on import of milk and milk goods (including chocolates and&nbsp…
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How mediocre paintings of China became prized collectors&#39 products
From the mid-18th century onwards, big numbers of foreign (largely European) merchants and traders came to reside on the China coast. Till the establishment of Hong Kong as a British colony in 1841-42, and the opening of the very first treaty ports such as&nbsp…
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Import Ban on Milk Products from China Extended Till June 2016
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