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Image from page 737 of “The Wheel and cycling trade review” (1888)

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Identifier: wheelcy18211896121897newy
Title: The Wheel and cycling trade overview
Year: 1888 (1880s)
Subjects: Cycling Bicycles Cyclists
Publisher: New York : Wheel and Cycling Trade Overview
Contributing Library: Smithsonian Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Smithsonian Libraries

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cal alarm. The illustration shows the mech-anism by which the continuous alarm is pro-duced. The double-stroke bell, they say, hasever been some thing of a bugaboo to in-ventors and mechanics in general. Theymake a double-stroke bell, of course, andclaim to have attained a best mechanism.The entire line meets each and every attainable re-quirement of style, size and price tag. John H.Graham &amp Co., of New York, will continueto be the sole selling agents but for cata-logues and other details the New De-parture Bell Business need to be addressed atBristol, Conn. THEY STAND THE TEST, ECLIPSE BICYCLES

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la eight Models and four rates. With a lineso full why look farther ? Why delay ? . . . . HEARTY DISCOUNTSto Hustlers—Agents with vim. ADVANCE CATALOGUE ready soon. Model 44,97 Unique. ECLIPSE BICYCLE Firm, ELMIRA, N. Y^ Kindly mention The Wheel. [89*. AN IMPROMPTU SHOW. Louisville, Dec. 19.—Louisville has held itsCycle Show, and the gentlemen of the CycleBoard of Trade will please note that no sanc-tion was asked or allowed, nor was the affairadvertised until the day ahead of the show. Notone cent was expended in the marketing ofthe vent. The publicity was gained by the freeand limitless coinage of complimentary noti-ces in the day-to-day press. The promoters werea small (or huge, it may be termed in thisinstance) colony of bicycle salesmen who hap-pened at the Louisville Hotel at the sametime—December 18. The gentlemen wereMessrs. G. W. Shroyer, representing the Gen-dron J. T. Ruby, Keating Benjamin Chap-man, Columbus Edwin Eager, Viking J. L.Townsley, Ha

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Image from page 1017 of “Canadian grocer January-June 1908” (1908)

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Identifier: cangrocerjanjune1908toro
Title: Canadian grocer January-June 1908
Year: 1908 (1900s)
Subjects: Supermarkets Grocery trade Food industry and trade
Publisher: Toronto : Maclean-Hunter Pub. Co. [1887]-
Contributing Library: Fisher – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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THE A 1 SAUCE A Fine Tonic and Digestive.An Exceptional Relish ForFISH, FLESH or FOWL. ft Basically A 1. Pleases everyone. The Public WILL have it. Sold all over the globe. For particulars and costs create our Agent H. HUBBARD, m^tE^c A m M Af r% t% a^a^ Purveyers to H.M. the King, Mayfair Performs, Vauxhall, BRAND &ltSc is V., london – eng. Limited 21 THE CANADIAN GROCER CANNED PINEAPPLE Very best Pack Desirable Costs THE DAVIDSON C&amp HAY, Restricted Wholesale Grocers, TORONTO c^a

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SAUCE :•:•. TO SETTLE DOUBT Drop a postal to our Canadian agents (talked about under) forfree complete-sized tasting bottle of H. P. Sauce. Try it on your personal plate, and then you will see why yourcustomers want it. Wide-awake Grocers are making H.P. Sauce their leading line. Our bright Canadian marketing tells the people all aboutH.P. and what it is produced of. how good it is for the appetite,palate and digestion. Large and quick turnover on H.P. !* Messrs. W. C. Patrick &amp Co., Toronto and Montreal ■.• R. B. Soeton &amp Co., Halifax. N.eight. :•*. The Codville-Smith Co., Ltd., Calgary, Alberta :•: Kelly, Douglas &amp Co., Ltd., Vancouver, B.C. ■:• Ellis &amp Co., Ltd., St. Johns, N.F. ■.) Midland Vinegar Co., Birmingham &amp London, Eng. Hi m zi.vf.w.iy.vj:. ^t STAN DA p0COFFEE DRINKERS ^tBESTT0W/c FOR BREAKFAST A LUXURY EXCELSIOR OUR FACTORY Gear IS THE Most current Enhanced. OUR COFFEES ARE DIRECT IMPORTATIONS. Selected SPECIALLY FOR THEIR DRINKING MERIT WE GUARANTE

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