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Provide of Tork hygiene products to analysis base on Antarctica renewed – SCA

Image by SCA Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget SCA is celebrating ten years as hygiene partner of the Scott Base on Antarctica that maily supplies solutions and accommodation for analysis parties. The selection of merchandise and tissue is cautiously compiled to support decrease waste and storage.

There are handful of facilities with the very same intense specifications as the Scott Base and its pristine surroundings at the quite south finish of the globe – on Antarctica. All supplies – from food and drinks to automobile parts and toilet tissue – are being purchased and shipped in only as soon as a year in January from Christchurch in New Zealand to the base.

Antarctic atmosphere is also really fragile so no waste stays on the ice. It is all shipped back to New Zealand for recycling or disposal by the exact same boat which drops off the supplies. The base also has its personal wastewater remedy plant so all items require to be highly degradable.

SCA’s Tork hygiene solutions have been evaluated and have performed in line with the needs. This, together with sturdy sustainability credentials, has been the key issue for the partnership. The delicate atmosphere of Antarctica dictates that the wider influence of man versus environment is closely regarded as at the base at all occasions.

“Using New Zeeland-made goods from a sustainable and renewable supply is critical to our operation of Scott Base, and SCA goods fit properly in this location. This had a important effect on our decisions to continue to use SCA products”, says Michael Nottage, Procurement Officer for Scott Base.

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