A few good shanghai sourcing images I discovered:

Jiading Confucius Temple (Shanghai, China)

Image by Marc G.C.
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Not far from Nanxiang Town is the Jiading Confucius Temple. I was not capable to pay a visit to it throughout the day, but I was satisfied I was capable to capture this lovely gate at evening.

The night in question, I was with a friend of mine who is a excellent photographer. He did not get out his own camera, but he helped me light-paint this scene. The image you see here is the outcome of combining an HDR light-painted scene with 3 manual photos taken with different exposures.

Jiading is known as a “state of education” and the Confucius Temple stands as the source. With a powerful background in culture and education, it is also recognized as the birthplace of talents and men of letters.

The Temple was constructed in the course of the Southern Song Dynasty (1219), and has been massively renovated throughout the last 800 years. As a outcome, it has been very properly preserved. Right now, the temple also holds the newly opened Shanghai Museum of the Chinese Imperial Examination System.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Barcampers: BarCamp Shanghai 2006 Organizers

Image by Kris Krug
Organizers of the very first BarCamp Shanghai in 2006. @scales is taking the photo.

“Shanghai Starbucks”

Image by sinosplice
This Shanghai organization was recently forced to adjust its name when it lost the lawsuit (the genuine) Starbucks filed against it.

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Cool Shanghai Sourcing images
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