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Image from web page 92 of “Slavery and the slave trade in Africa” (1893)

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Identifier: slaveryslavetrad00stan
Title: Slavery and the slave trade in Africa
Year: 1893 (1890s)
Authors: Stanley, Henry M. (Henry Morton), 1841-1904
Subjects: Slavery Slave trade
Publisher: New York, Harper &amp brothers
Contributing Library: Wellesley College Library
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aders, have built fortified stations inthe interior, have supplied their portionof the east coast with a strong flotilla 74 of steamers, are engaged in transportingcruisers to the 3 wonderful lakes on theirborders, have surveyed and are extend-ing surveys for several railways in theinterior, have not lost time in discoveringways of evading the territorial desires, buthave set about to provide these desires asindicated by the International Conferenceof Brussels and had been we able to obtainan instantaneous photograph of the pres-ent movements of the Germans through-out their territory, we need to know howto totally appreciate the hearty spiritwith which they are performing theirduties. And have been we able to glance in thesame way as to what is occurring onBritish soil, we should be struck by theearnestness of the Germans as comparedwith the British. Both governments started with dele-gating their authority to chartered com-panies. On the part of the Germans,nonetheless, the imprudence of their agents

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AN ARAB 78 imperilled their possessions, and the im-perial government set itself the process ofreducing malcontentism to order, andsettling the issues in its own master-ful manner, and is engaged in providingagainst their recurrence before surrender-ing the territory once more to the influencesof the business. The British East African Organization, onthe other hand, has been comparativelyfree to commence its commercial opera-tions, undisturbed by armed opposition ofaborigines or of Arab and Swahili resi-dents. The welcome given to it has beenalmost universally cordial. The suscep-tibilities of the Arabs were not wounded,and the aborigines gratefully recognizedthat the new-comers have been not hostile tothem. Concessions were obtained at afair value, and on payment of the stipu-lated worth the business entered into pos-session, and became, with the consent ofall concerned, masters of the British EastAfrican territory — a territory far a lot more 76 ample than what the founders of the com-pany had hoped

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Image from web page 438 of “The international relations of the Chinese empire” (1900)

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Identifier: internationalrel03mors
Title: The international relations of the Chinese empire
Year: 1900 (1900s)
Authors: Morse, Hosea Ballou, 1855-1934
Subjects: Opium trade China — Foreign relations China — Politics and government China — History
Publisher: New York : Paragon Book Gallery
Contributing Library: University of California Libraries
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ts justit you are ds match for it as anybody else, but as you are anear relative, you ought to be better fitted for it than any individual else, to justify me in giving it to you.[43] Sir R.Hart, particularly in his later years, would have accepted thelogic of the relative, and extended connection to manyoutside the blood connexion. Towards the end of his careerthe dissatisfaction in the service was very excellent, but hewas strongly entrenched in the gratitude of the Chineseadministration, and practically nothing could have availed to weakenhim no criticism served to modify the autocracy, of hisrule—a sic volo sic jubeo rule. § 20. None the much less, he had lost his authoritativeposition. His influence with the administration increasedyear by year, and reached its culminating point about1887 from that time it steadily declined.[44] Thiswas partly due to the loss of personal esteem, but was [43] H. Bosworth Smith, Life of Lord Lawrence. ii, p. 465.[44] Cf. Submission, chap, xvii, § 30 chap, xviii, | 24,

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Sir Robert Hart ix 1887. SIR R. harts control OF CUSTOMS Staff 405 mainly caused by the resentment of the official class athis diplomatic policy. The loans of 1895, 1896 and 1898to give for the Japanese war indemnity have been securedon the customs income,[45] leaving only a little surplusfor the demands of the empire and the official class nowrealised that their foreign customs service existed chieflyas a collecting agent for their foreign creditors, and nolonger fulfilled the objective which was the foundation ofits continued existence—collecting effectively and reportinghonestly a gratifying amount of income for the u of theimperial government. In addition the service had graspedthe manage of the junk trade with Hongkong and Macao—a mandarinal (even a lot more, a Manchu) preserve had beeninjected into supervision of a element of the Chinese internalrevenue collection and directed and operated the growingpostal service. Now, in the hour of Chinas humiliation,it was created master of its mast

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Cool International Trade Agents pictures
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