China’s Oil Imports Will Continue To Rise

2007, China imported 196.eight million tons of oil, pressed on 200 million tons. Imports from the starting to import 100 million tons, China with 11 years from imported 100 million tons to approximate 200 million tons, but only took three years. Accelerating the pace of imports, we need to reconsider the security of its oil to bring the economic threat.

200 million tons “have arrived”

As China’s oil production can not improve substantially in the future further demand for oil imports, practically exclusively, in this context, China’s oil imports will continue to rise 200 million tons far finish.

The pace of China’s oil imports, is to “super speed” sprint to the superpower.

Common Administration of Customs announced on January 11, 2007, the year China’s crude oil imports 163 million tons, up 12.four% over the earlier year the year 2007, 3,380 tons of refined oil imports over the prior year fell 7.1%.

Thus, the year 2007 China’s oil imports reached 196.eight million tons. This figure is really close to 200 million tons, causing fantastic concern in the market.

China has already turn out to be the absolute levels of oil consumption on the 2nd power, incremental level, the quantity 1 power. Industry professionals extensively predicted such a speedy degree of oil imports, might also be far from the finish.

Billion three-year break 1993 onwards, China became a net oil importer. After a few years, China’s oil imports about 10 million tons annually, and year after year, rising in 2003 reached 20 million tons.

Current years, the crude oil import growth much more evident. In 2004, China’s crude oil imports reached 122.7 million tons, up 34.eight%, the 1st time exceeded one hundred million tons mark. In 2006, China’s crude oil imports reached 145.two million tons, up 14.two% over the preceding year in 2007, China’s total crude oil imports 163 million tons, up 12.4% over the previous year. At the same time, China is still a substantial reduction in oil exports. In 2007, China exported three.89 million tons of crude oil, down 38.7% over the preceding year.

“2003 Breakthrough of oil imports 100 million tons, the majority of institutions predict that by 2010 China’s oil imports to enhance by 100 million tons, but in 2007 China’s oil imports will almost break through 200 million tons of . It now seems that China’s oil imports have added 100 million tons only in 3 years, professionals predict the number of years earlier than 3 years. It is clear that China’s oil imports are to forward acceleration. “authorities said.

According to statistics, China’s crude oil production in 2007 grew only 1.6% to 1.8665 million tons.

Professionals mentioned crude oil production growth in 2007 than previously expected two% of the physique, reflecting the difficulties of the eastern oil fields to keep stable production levels. The slow output growth in the domestic context, the development of a lot more overseas oil sources, rising oil imports to keep sustained financial development of China’s critical outlet.

Therefore, the industry normally believe that oil imports will develop even more rapidly. Dependence on oil imports will soon exceed 50%, has fundamentally grow to be a foregone conclusion.

Far end To Asia as the center of the world’s power consumption increased substantially, major to the region’s dependence on continued higher oil imports, in this case, it was even predicted in 2030, when the area the proportion of imported oil will exceed Bacheng. This is where China has undoubtedly played a essential role in.

“The future of China’s imports is high. Before 2020, we predict that China’s oil import dependency of 60%, oil imports will reach 200 million tons, this is a conservative forecast, the international forecast higher than we are. “senior adviser to the State Energy Study Institute, stated Zhou Fengqi.

Present, China has become the world’s second largest power consumer, power consumption development will continue. International Power Agency (IEA) forecasts, as far more and far more Chinese buyers to acquire a car, 2030, China’s oil consumption 80% of the require to rely on imports.

“China’s oil imports will continue to grow, with China’s economic development, the appetite for oil demand will be expanding, imports will correspondingly improve, this is inevitable.” Nations Power Investigation Institute expert Jiang Xinmin think.

“We forecast that the next couple of years, the growth of China’s crude oil imports will attain more than ten% ratio, growth in imports of refined oil ratio of about 8% (which may also be decreased growth), total oil imports the proportion will attain an annual volume development of 6%. “senior engineer of China Petroleum Technology Investigation Institute of Financial Forecasting Gong double gold.

Current years, China’s oil consumption to keep development of about six percent, whilst the self-made crude oil production much less than 2% improve.

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China’s Oil Imports Will Continue To Rise
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