Boeing 777-300 Air China arriving LAX ac_DSC_0618_773_alr5

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Speaking of ‘good at their job’, have a appear at the engine pylon behind the hot section- see the discolored bare metal that gets heated by the hot exhaust? Take a moment to admire how the bare metal runs. They put it where the heat will be greatest, shallower than the stream-line pylon-to-engine junction, at the front (proper), but tipping up at the back finish (left) exactly where turbulence may bring hotter air greater on the pylon.

Low cost, painted, aluminum or composite, exactly where they can reside with it, bare, higher-temp, metal, exactly where it has to be. Beautiful.

Engine manufacturers now design and style the nacelle but its not clear to me who owns the pylon, maybe its collective. Boeing wants the least expensive and most widespread interface, the engine builders want the least expensive and most efficient installation for their solution.

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Cheap, but not novel: overseas purchasers&#39 verdict on Canton Fair goods
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